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This is super versatile 2 Loop Instant Shawl. Yes we are aware that there are many 2 loops in the market, but ours are made to provide you all day comfort.

That is why our 2 Loops are made with a cotton viscose patch that when worn will sits on top of your head. This patch acts as an inner that will prevent your shawl from sliding all over.

The chin section of the 2nd loop is fixed with an elastic band. It will stretch and grip based on your facial size and provides your shawl the ""fixed"" feeling especially when you chew.!!!!!

We are using heavy chiffon georgettes for this shawl due to its drapeness and coverage it provides.

To suits different body type, we have 3 different cuts and length for this design.

The length of this design is as below:

SHORTEST: approx 16inches

INTERMEDIATE: approx 18 inches

LONGEST: approx 20 inches

Length is measurement of tudung, taken from the under the chin downwards to the edges of the tudung